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Teak Place Estate – Farming

Teak Place Estate is located on a very successful working farm

The farm boasts a wide range of livestock, including cattle, pigs, sheep as well as free-range ducks and chickens. The farm strives to be as self-sufficient as possible and the traditional values of sustainability and natural goodness are present in all of our activities.

Today’s world is in a rapid state…

Of technological innovation and evolution. Sadly, at times this means compromising quality for conveniences as people’s schedules become increasingly hectic, many settle for quick-fix options and non-nutritional foods. Teak Place Estate strives to address this through the ethos of “farm to fork’’, ensuring consumers not only the best quality and fresh meat, dairy and produce but also the convenience of it being right on your doorstep.

This allows residents and visitors the opportunity to order fresh produce, diary and meat products, all cultivated and prepared in the beautiful surrounding farm lands and facilities. Peace of mind can be assured as it is our priority to ensure that the food’s natural benefits and nutritional quality is maintained, with the overall goal of ensuring a decrease in Teak Place Estate’s environmental impact and carbon footprint.

“Surrounded by like-minded people all wining, dining and enjoying the community living Teak Place Estate has to offer.”

A fully equipped butchery is situated on the Estate to cater for everyone’s preferences and tastes. A variety of fresh meats, cured delicacies and other meat specialities can be sampled and pre-ordered. Veggie gardens will be accessible to all residents and visitors, where fresh produce can be hand-picked and bought. The farm supplies many high-end restaurants and butcheries within Gauteng, and has become a household name in the area.

As a throwback to the true farm lifestyle, our donkey drawn scotch cart will make its weekly door-to-door rounds on the Estate to hand deliver all fresh produce to our households.

Each year, Farm to Fork events are held on the Estate where friends and families come together to enjoy delicious harvest table styled dishes, all home grown and prepared in-house. Smoke can be seen bellowing from the pig ovens, meat smoker and braai, surrounded by like-minded people all wining, dining and enjoying in the community living Teak Place Estate has to offer.

The backdrop of the area is dominated by the undulating highveld grassland which supports a great diversity of plants, birdlife and animals. Teak Place Estate is set in the tranquil surroundings of rocky outcrops, natural rivers, irrigation furrows, dams and lakes. This is surrounded by undisturbed rolling fields and lush cultivated pastures. Teak Place Estate is home to an array of birdlife and wildlife, where sable, warthog, zebra and kudu can be seen roaming the fields of the Estate.  Our Founder, Dave, takes meticulous care in the upkeep of the landscaping of the Estate and ensures that indigenous trees and gardens are planted and continuously maintained. Renowned Landscape Architect Patrick Watson has also left his mark at Teak, providing input and concepts that ensure that the landscaping is fresh and up to date.  Teak Place Estate boasts its own extensive indigenous nursery which ensures the supply of indigenous flora for all of the estates landscaping needs.

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