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Greetings Teak Place Estate Family and Friends,

We hope all our readers are keeping safe and preparing for the winding down of 2021. This has indeed been an exciting and defining year for Teak Place Estate. Starting out as a pipedream for our Developer, David Mitchell, obtaining all the relevant approvals which took over a decade to consolidate and now, having our very first residents move onto the Estate.

We would like to start this blog post with a very warm welcome to all our new families and homeowners at Teak Place Estate. As mentioned above, it has been a dream come true for our Developer to share his ‘little Switzerland’ with like-minded individuals who can appreciate the exclusive lifestyle that only this Estate offers. Teak Place Estate is the very first low-density, completely off-the grid Estate to be established in the area – and offer residents something completely unique when they become part of the community.

We have seen the homes that have been designed and created come alive and we are so proud of the final product. It has been a pleasure walking the design and construction journey with each and everyone of our wonderful Clients and we look forward to sharing many happy years together on this very special property.

Not only has the Estate acquired new residents, but there has been a buzz of activity on the Estate with some exciting new changes happening over the past few months. Our Estate roads are 90% complete and all four of our recreational areas are currently being upgraded to create spectacular outdoor spaces for our residents to enjoy. During the months of August and September, specialist heavy earth moving equipment was bought onto site and used to carefully craft the landscape of each of the recreational spots which it is hoped will become iconic to the Estate.

The first of these special spots is located along the banks of the stream that runs through the property just below The Ridge and adjacent to The Lakes. The area consists of rolling lawns along the stream, screened off by large earth berms planted up with indigenous trees. The space overlooks the biggest dam on the property with its majestic dead trees rising from the water and creating the most tranquil space and backdrop. This spot has been carefully created for families and friends to get together for a picnic, yoga session or enjoying sundowners on the lawn together. The perfect spot for soaking up the serenity and peacefulness of the location.

Our next area under construction is the picnic spot just upstream from the lawned area which consists of an underroof shelter and built-in braai and boma facility. This spot is also screened by means of crafted and planted-up berms and is focused out onto the dam in front of it.  The perfect spot for an afternoon braai, enjoying a dip in the dam, casting a line, and catching some rays.

The Pizza Oven spot is set further up the stream, overlooking another one of the many picturesque dams on the property and offers yet another space for our residents to spend their free time enjoying each other’s company within the beautiful surrounds. And if this was not good enough, they can also enjoy freshly made pizza straight out the Estate’s very own Pizza Oven located at this site.

Last but definitely not least, the iconic viewpoint situated on the highest spot above The Ridge which provides panoramic views of the Estate and surrounding natural area is also getting a facelift with the addition of a shelter and seating area. The most incredible sunsets can be witnessed up here and this is considered one of the best views in the whole Cradle.

In our previous Newsletters, we introduced our natural pool which allows for swimming and is perfect for training as it provides a 25m long dedicated swimming lane. The end of September also saw the completion of the construction of a new ‘splash’ pool situated next to the gym and not too far from the natural pool. Our tennis court also underwent a much-needed face lift. The pools allow for residents to cool off after a hot summer’s day or after a tennis match or gym session. These facilities are all located in the same area for convenience and additional parking will be created for those living further away from these amenities.

Jodev Farms has also been extremely busy over the last few months preparing what looks to be the biggest veggie garden ever created on the property and perfectly showcasing the “garden to table” experience. Jodev have planted seasonal veggie gardens which are now open and welcoming residents and members of the public alike. This initiative enables residents and visitors the amazing opportunity to access and enjoy the freshest organic and local produce. The experience not only offers its guests the thrill of picking their own veggies but strives to educate each person on regenerative agriculture and what that means with regard to the impact on the soil and wider eco-systems. For more information on the facility and their Garden Memberships, find Jodev Farms on their social media platforms or visit www.jodevfarms.co.za.

Our show stopping on-site restaurant, Molitva, has been the talk of the town and recently featured on Insider SA and 702 Talk Radio. It’s been almost a year since opening their doors and despite all that COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions has thrown at them, Molitva has always bounced back stronger and better than ever. Stella Artois Africa have come on board and partnered with Molitva creating The Spiritual Home for Stella. Incredible upgrades were made to the establishment and there are still future expansions on the cards. Other expansions include the opening of the Deli in the upcoming months which we will be sure to keep you up to date with as this project unfolds. For more information make sure that you give Molitva a follow on their social media platforms. Bookings are essential especially on the weekends. If you have not already, you need to this one out – you won’t be disappointed.    

 A prominent real estate trend that is becoming increasingly popular is that of homeowners choosing to move outside of the major cities and away from the hustle and bustle. Covid-19 resulted in many people across the world being forced to work from home due to restrictions and this situation seems to have become a permanent one since many employers have realised the benefits of their employees working from home.

Wide open spaces, fresh air, freedom from traffic, security and a lower COVID-19 risk are some of the many attracting qualities of owning your own piece of paradise here at Teak Place Estate. At the time of writing this blog, Eskom had just announced Stage 4 loading shedding and a hot topic in all news reports throughout Gauteng was the water outages experienced in many parts of Johannesburg. Unfortunately, it is predicted that these issues are only going to be getting worse. The beauty of living off the grid is each homeowner is in-charge of their own destiny. Each home on the Estate comes with a custom solar system designed specifically to the individual’s lifestyle needs and water is readily available and sourced on-site.  The future is self-sustainability.

Let us help you continue spending your days in complete comfort, contentment, and security. Get in touch with our team today. 

Nicola Dittmer


Justin Blom


Veggie Garden- Devon Mitchellinfo@jodevfarms.co.za

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